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January 22, 2022

Watch Bryan Bagunas, Oita Miyoshi vs Osaka Blazers

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The matchup between Oita Miyoshi and Osaka Sakai was highly anticipated, particularly for Bagunas' fans, who were eager to see whether he could replicate their early-season success against the Blazers. Regrettably, Osaka dispatched Oita in three exciting sets, 25-20, 25-23, 25-19 in the Japan V.League 2021-22 Season.

Osaka Blazers halted Oita Miyoshi's effort for victory in the opening set by forming a powerful wall to stop the Weisse Adler's attackers, including Bryan, Emerson, and especially Yamada, who struggled to get his attacks past the blockers. Though Oita took an early lead and appeared to be in complete control of the match with a 2-3 point advantage. However, following the second technical timeout, Osaka clawed their way back up the scoreboard with their quick middle plays and dominant net presence. They also capitalized on Weisse Adler's serve and misreception errors to win the set with the score of 25-20.

In the second set, it was a close battle as both sides traded blows with strong forceful smashes, particularly in the center, but Osaka took the lead with a 4 point edge over Oita at 10-6. Apart from the middle blockers controlling the tempo of the game, Osaka's Naoya Takano and Yuki propelled their team to victory in the second set with incredible front and back row strikes. Emerson Rodriguez's four consecutive powerful back attacks, on the other hand, put Oita up 21-21. However, Osaka's powerful wall once again denied Oita victory, winning the game 25-23.

In the third period, Osaka fought all-out to defend the net against Weisse Adler's assault. Additionally, they neutralized Bagunas by attacking him at the service line, preventing him from scoring early in the game. Emerson, who had a spectacular performance in the second set, was blocked three times before being subbed out by Koga, but it was too late with Osaka ahead by seven points, 14-7. Then Oita's players committed a series of attacking blunders until Yamada produced two service aces to level the score at 15-20, although still in favor of Osaka. Oita's service errors, most notably by Koga and Bagunas, continued, and Osaka won the match 25-19.

Emerson led Oita Miyoshi with 24 points on 36 tries, Bagunas added 9 points on 26 attempts, Yamada contributed 8, Abe scored 7, Kawaguchi provided 6, and Koga produced 4 points but only appeared in the first half of the third set.

Takano scored 10 points and was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the Game, who led Osaka to victory alongside Sharon Evans, who added 13 markers, and Yuki earned 14 points to round out the team's best in scoring.

Oita Miyoshi still has an opportunity to redeem themselves when they face the Osaka Blazers in the Kurume Arena tomorrow, Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 2pm Manila Time.

Watch Bryan Bagunas, Oita Miyoshi vs Osaka Blazers

Brought to you by: PH Volleyball International YouTube Channel

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