Bryan and Oita Huge Win Versus Wolfdogs!

Author: Donald Severo

PH Volleyball International

This is by far one of Oita Miyoshi and Bryan Bagunas’ greatest games ever at the Japan V. League as they made a historic win against the formidable and fearsome team, Wolfdogs Nagoya in 5th set with the score of 18-25, 23-25, 30-28, 26-24, 15-13.

The fifth set match was a nail-biter between these two warrior-like club teams, who fought bravely and fiercely against one another despite their severe agony, exhaustion, and worn-out bodies.

Additionally, it was a surprise victory for Oita, considering they had lost the first two sets. However, a miracle occurred when Hiroki, Weisse Adler's new setter, connected with the rest of the squad and produced outstanding sets that enabled the attackers to comeback, regroup and win the third set.

Bryan Bagunas and the young guns of Oita Miyoshi namely, Abe, Hiroki, Koga, Kawaguchi and Fujiwara were determined not to surrender without a fight, effectively building a solid wall against Bartosz Kurek and the wunderkind Yamazaki's powerful attacks.

Following that, Bagunas continued to score at the back, including an ace, but he committed a service error. Fortunately, both Kurek and Yamazaki's serves sailed into the net, giving Oita a two-point advantage as they entered the first technical timeout, 8-6.

Due to Kurek's blunder, the other Wolfdogs followed suit, allowing Oita to maintain a three-point advantage. However, Koga's attack was called back, and the score was awarded to the Wolfdogs instead, making it a controversial decision that prompted Oita's coach, Murray, to protest it as well, but to no avail.

Tensions between the two teams continue to escalate as they hit the 10-8 mark. However, a quick center hit by Abe and a Nagoya attack mistake gave Oita a 12–9 edge.

Kurek rallied at 12-10, but Koga's cross-court smash gave Oita a 13-10 advantage.

After a series of service errors on both sides of the court, Oita Miyoshi approached the set point, but Weisse Adler's Fujiwara made another serve error.

Finally, Bartosz Kurek's serve slid into the net, giving Oita Miyoshi its first ever and historic triumph over Nagoya's formidable Wolfdogs, 15-13.

Tomorrow, Sunday, January 30, 2022, at 12:00 pm Manila time, Oita Miyoshi and the Wolfdgos will clash once more at the Oita City Osu General Gymnasium.

You can WATCH THE VIDEO @ our YouTube Channel:

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