By: Donald Severo

PH Volleyball International

This is one of Bryan Bagunas' greatest games ever, as he propels Oita Miyoshi to an incredible 35-33 victory over the Panthers during the first set and up to the nail biting fifth.

Oita played a superb and outstanding game with their new taller line up, most notably with setter/middle blocker #11 Hiroki.

Hiroki is a breath of fresh air for Oita, having expertly devised a new setup game plan for the Weisse Adler's attackers, most especially Bryan Bagunas. Additionally, he is a strong attacker and defender at the net.

However, the man who genuinely contributed to Oita's victory is none other than their import from the Philippines, Bryan Bagunas. Bagunas earned a whopping 12 points in the opening set alone on the strength of ten attacks and two block kills.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the Panthers began the set without their import for no apparent reason. However, as is generally known, the Panthers are a formidable squad that overcame another Philippine Pride member, Marck Espejo and FC Tokyo, last Saturday. As a result, it is quite appropriate that they fielded solely local players.

To everyone's amazement, even the Panthers, Oita Miyoshi proved to be the superior team in the opening set, attacking on all cylinders since everyone was able to score. Again, they were fortunate to have their new setter/middle blocker # 11 Hiroki, who consistently produced outstanding sets to his volleyball attackers.

On the other hand, the Panasonic Panthers did not surrender easily, stretching the game to a deuce to 33 all, but Bryan Bagunas thwarted their victory bid. As the Weisse Adlers responded with many incredible and strong strikes from Bagunas, while Emerson and Yamada also contributed to their eventual 35-33 victory in the first set.

Finally, Bagunas played a key role in Oita Miyoshi's thrilling five-set triumph over Panasonic Panthers, which concluded with scores of 35-33, 26-24, 18-25, 16-14, as they earned their second consecutive victory and improved to 4-13 on the win-loss table.

Hopefully, our very own Bryan Bagunas and Oita Miyoshi can extend their impressive winning run and continue to improve and turn heads as a result of their outstanding performance in the Japan V League 2021-2022 Season.

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