Updated: Dec 21, 2021

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Date: 11/28 /2021

In the Japan V. League Men's Division 1 2021-22 Season, Bryan Bagunas and Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler experienced yet another devastating loss against JT Thunders Hiroshima at Showa Denko Martial Arts Sports on Sunday.


Oita Miyoshi got off to a fantastic start in the opening set, taking an early lead, but their performance abruptly deteriorated once JT Hiroshima activated their fearsome and powerful wall against them. On top of that, because of Hiroshima import’s enormous height and extended arms, Thomas Edgar was unstoppable at the net and even at the pipe, evading the blockers with ease.

In addition, JT Thunder's seasoned players prevented Oita's finest attackers from scoring, including Bryan Bagunas and their team's new revelation Koga. Bagunas was subbed off after the first technical timeout because he got blocked and committed an attack error before the break. Bryan's face shows his disappointment at being subbed out, although he gave his all for his team.

Following that, Oita's coach chose to field an all-Japanese lineup against JT Thunders, a formidable opponent. As a consequence, the Hiroshima players gained confidence and gave the Weisse Adler a hammering they'll never forget and ended the game by a lopsided score of 25-16!


Oita Miyoshi’s coach tried with a fresh lineup in the second set, substituting Bryan Bagunas with Emerson Rodriguez. However, the same gloomy narrative of powerful blockages continued against Oita, particularly with their Venezuelan recruit, Emerson Rodriguez who was also repeatedly barred at the net.

This time, it was the Hiroshima's turn to replace Edgar Thomas, allowing his all-Japanese side to complete the job. The set concluded with an askew score, but Oita totaled 17 points thanks to JT Thunder's unforced errors.


Without Bagunas and with the same lineup the coach experimented in the third set. At first, the Oita Miyoshi attackers scored back-to-back points, but the powerful blocking of the JT Thunders got the better of Emerson Rodriguez once more, and he was also substituted at the 4-10 Hiroshima lead.

The outcome was already expected with an all-Japanese group on the court. JT Thunders Hiroshima controlled and dominated the entire game, winning 25-15, 25-17, and 25-15.

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