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November 27, 2021

After dropping one game the previous weekend, Jaja Santiago and the Saitama Ageo Medics rebounded with a four-set victory over the Toyota Auto Body Queenseis at Kawagoe Sports Park General Gymnasium in 2021-22 V. LEAGUE Division 1 Women.

The encounter between Ageo's and Toyota was thrilling and enthralled the audience since both teams swapped hard-hitting spikes and amazingly clever maneuvers to outwit each other.

The game, however, concluded in favor of the Ageo Medics team because they all upped their game, assisted each other, and worked together as a unit. Jaja Santiago was the leading scorer last weekend, but today she only scored 9 points based on eight attacks and one ace because she effectively fooled the blockers to give the other Ageo Medics hitters more chances to score.

Mami Uchi Seto and Lorenne Tishaira, on the other hand, were the two biggest scorers in today's game. Lorenne earned 17 points on 13 attacks, 2 block kills, and 2 service aces, whereas Mami got 17 points on attacks alone. Both of these Ageo Medics elite players played intelligent volleyball throughout the game, employing a range of attacks such as smart drop balls, off-the-block hits, and back-line targeting.

Yuki Sato and Aoyagi, on the other hand, provided solid support for their Ageo Medics teammates, scoring 12 attacks and 6 points, respectively. During the first and second sets, both Aoyagi and Jaja Santiago provided excellent net defense, preventing the Toyota Queenseis from scoring.

The third set, however, was a completely different story. Suddenly, the Toyota Auto Body Queenseis got their stride, and it was their turn to outplay the Ageo Medics and win the set. Probably because their Brazilian head coach, Antônio Marcos Lerbach received both yellow and red cards from the first referee and was ejected from the game early on, which had a significant impact on the team's focus. It was because of Toyota Queenseis' constant attacks, which included Kelsey Robinson (19 points on 18 attacks and 1 block) and Hattaya Bumurnsk, a tough Thai import who scored 4 blocks and 5 attack kills.

At the conclusion of the game, Japanese Setter Yamazaki was voted Best Player of the Game for her superb playmaking skills, which helped the Saitama Ageo Medics win on their home court!

Tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. (Manila Time), the Saitama Ageo Medics and Toyota Auto Body Queenseis will meet again at the same venue.

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