Philippine Team Won Over Barueri U-21 Club

Filipinos are cheerful and optimistic about life's ups and downs. They have a fun personality, a sense of humor that adds to their charm. But one of the best characteristics that our Lord has given us is the indomitability of the Filipino spirit!

Thus, when they faced the Barueri Volleyball Club team, which possesses incredible height and agility, as well as an aura that emanates a threatening presence capable of striking their opponents' hearts, our Filipino women's national volleyball team demonstrated their inner strength and indomitable warrior within them.

They were not intimidated or discouraged at all, but rather remained fearless, unfazed, and gallantly challenged the Barueri Volleyball Club team head-on, eventually defeating them in straight sets last Thursday night and the next day, Friday, Philippine Time.

In the city of Barueri, Brazil, a popular tourist destination. The Philippine Women's team and the large Filipino community cheering in the stands could be seen beaming with pride as the national squad repeatedly asserted its superiority on the home court of the Barueri Volleyball Club under-21 squad.

The Brazilians edged the PH spikers by one set in yet another crushing of the local side on Friday at the Sportville training camp in this city, winning by three sets to one with scores of, 25-11, 22-25, 25-13, and 26-24.

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